The Gang at CloudFlare:
aiding and abetting cybercriminals

In early 2013, CloudFlare deleted the
surnames from their "our gang" page.

Are they ashamed?   Or paranoid?

Or is this merely a case of simple modesty?

Matthew Prince   Cofounder, CEO
Lee Holloway   Cofounder, Lead Engineer
Michelle Zatlyn   Cofounder, User Experience
Matthieu Tourne   Systems Engineer
Ian Pye   Analytics Engineer
Srikanth N. Rao   Systems Reliability Engineer
Damon Billian   Community Evangelist
Terry Rodery   Network Engineer
Kristin Tarr   Communications Specialist
John B. Roberts   Platform Lead
Lyn Hines   Technical Support Engineer
Kevin Wilson   Visual Designer
David Conrad   Technical Staff
Justin Paine   Trust & Safety Engineer
Ram Nadella   Web Developer
Ray Bejjani   Systems Engineer
Jerome Chen   Partner Engineer
Joshua Motta   Special Projects
Jeremy Teale   Operations Engineer
John Graham-Cumming   Programmer, London Office
Greg Lee Coleman   Systems Engineer
Brett Erilane   Operations Engineer
Ian Applegate   Systems Engineer
Maria Karaivanova   Business Development
Tom Paseka   Network Engineer
Sébastien Pahl   Systems Reliability Engineer
Dane Knecht   Product Engineer
James Greene   Web Engineer
Ryan Carter   Systems Reliability Engineer
Yichun Zhang   Systems Engineer
Dean Riskas   Customer Development
Josh Dankbaar   Systems Reliability Engineer
Jenn Suzuki   Team Coordinator
Terin Stock   Web Developer
Algin Martin   Technical Support Engineer
Jamie Tomasello   Policy and Investigation
Piotr Sikora   Systems Engineer
Tony Stuck   Web Developer
Josh Enders   Operations Engineer
Max Nystrom   Support Engineer
Jaime Sparr   Visual Designer
Andrew Galloni   Front End Engineer, London Office
Rajeev Sharma   Systems Engineer
Sam Howson   Support Engineer, London Office
Serena Satyasai   Marketing Lead
Trey Guinn   Solution Engineer
Amy Kux   Finance
Marty Strong   Technical Support Engineer, London Office
Nick Sullivan   Systems Engineer
Subhashni Balakrishnan   Systems Engineer
James O'Gorman   Systems Reliability Engineer, London Office
Kenneth R. Carter   In-House Counsel
Simon Moore   Support Engineer, London Office
Jérôme Fleury   Network Engineer
Chris Merritt   Sales Lead
Nitin Rao   Special Projects
Austin McKinley   Systems Engineer
Jiale Zhi   Systems Engineer
David Schlesinger   Systems Reliability Engineer
Zygimantas Skulteckis   Systems Reliability Engineer, London Office
Micah Smurthwaite   Customer Development
Albert Strasheim   Systems Engineer
Marek Majkowski   Systems Engineer, London Office
Anirban Banerjee   Systems Engineer
Adam Woss   Systems Reliability Engineer
Slava Mudry   Database Engineer
Amir Tahsini   Customer Development
Buck Wallander   Network Engineer
Conley Read   Product Engineer
Megan Alderete   Customer Development
Dave Koston   Platform Engineer
Daniel Morsing   Systems Engineer, London Office
Jeremy Meeks   Support Engineer
Travis Perkins   Customer Success Engineer
Stefan Silasi   Systems Reliability Engineer, London Office
Gregory Allen   Talent
Ryan Kibler   Web Engineer
Eric Lugo   Support Engineer
Kenny Chan   Web Engineer
Shuxin Yang   Systems Engineer
Elenitsa (Eli) Staykova   Marketing
Jen Norvelle   Finance
Ryan Boye   Visual Designer
Martin J. Levy   Network Strategy
Kyle Isom   Systems Engineer
Andrew Kennedy   Web Developer
Zi Lin   Systems Engineer
Michael Truong   Systems Reliability Engineer
Jono Bergquist   Solutions Engineer
Nate Asp   Customer Development
Jameson Sundell   Support Engineer
Manish Jindal   Customer Development
Grace Lin   Special Projects
Benjamin Cartwright-Cox   Support Engineer, London Office
Davide D'Amico   Systems Reliability Engineer, London Office
Chris Howells   Systems Reliability Engineer, London Office
Xingang Wang   Systems Engineer
Andrew Schafer   Writer
Noah Garrett Wallach   Network Engineer
Fay Lidan Dai   Product Intern
Murtaza Sajjad   Legal Intern
Daniella Vallurupalli   Communications
Ryan Lackey   Product Engineer
Tim Hoffman   Network Engineer
Martijn Gonlag   Support Engineer
Jonathan Stasiak   Systems Reliability Engineer
Gwyneth Jones   Team Coordinator
Lily Andalon   Accountant
David Ngo   Trust & Safety Engineer
Gerhard Esterhuizen   Engineering Manager
Thanh Bui   Customer Development
Guanlan Dai   Systems Engineer
Kent Shultz   Systems Reliability Engineer
Xiaolin Gong   Special Projects
Piotr Lipski   Web Engineer, London Office
Jacob H. Haven   Systems Engineer
Ashish Gandhi   Systems Engineer
Filippo Valsorda   Systems Engineer, London Office
Luke Overend   Support Engineer, London Office
Matthew Gall   Trust & Safety Engineer, London Office
Corey Lambert   Office Manager
Olafur Gudmundsson   Systems Engineer
Daniel Weidman   Engineering Manager
Sylvia Kuyel   Customer Success Engineer
Kamilla Amirova   Solutions Engineer
James Kyle   Front End Engineer
Bill Phillips   Customer Development
Łukasz Mierzwa   Systems Reliability Engineer, London Office
Gideon Redelinghuys   Systems Reliability Engineer
Tommy Larsen   Customer Development, London Office
Dan Hollinger   Solution Engineer
David Fritsch   Web Engineer
Peter Dumanian   Business Development
Jovi Zhangwei   Systems Engineer
David Kitchen   Systems Engineer, London Office
Daniel Wesonga   Customer Development
Marc W. Rogers   Principal Security Researcher
Alan Braithwaite   Systems Engineer
Brent Coco   Trainer
George Henry   Infrastructure Engineer
Allen Lai   Head of Support
Pasha Kravtsov   Support Engineer
Rachele Gyorffy   Customer Success Engineer
Michael R. Nelson   Public Policy
Heather West   Public Policy
Judy Hoctor   Executive Assistant
Alex Dwyer   Customer Development
Zeeshan Parkar   Network Engineer
Dani Grant   Product Manager
Christopher Federico   Solutions Engineer
Tyler Matzen   Recruiting Coordinator
Andy Silverstein   Customer Development
Richard Thompson   Network Engineer, London Office
Adena Kirkbride   Customer Development
Dylan Etkin   Engineering Manager
Michael Mirzai   Customer Development, London Office
Geoffrey Plouviez   Systems Engineer, London Office
Tom Brightbill   Customer Success
Jim Schlies   Programmer
Ardi Judanto   Staff Accountant
Will Clithero   Customer Development
Sebastian McKenzie   JavaScript Engineer, London Office
Norm Slaught   Customer Development
Lauren Buchman   Marketer
Pradeep BalleChandrasekharan   Newtork SRE
Patryk Szczygłowski   Systems Reliability Engineer
Jimmy Crutchfield   Support Engineer, London Office
Michael A. Daly   Engineering Manager, London Office
Donald Endres   Systems Reliability Engineer
Rushabh Gandhi   Special Projects
Betsy Sedlak   Customer Success
Mark Steyn   Front End Engineer, London Office
Kendra Albert   Legal Intern
Tiffany Tai   Sales Operations and Strategy

Ray Rothrock   Venrock
Carl Ledbetter   Pelion Venture Partners
Scott Sandell   New Enterprise Associates
Brad Burnham   Union Square Ventures
Bryan Roberts   Venrock

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